A quick "Coles Notes" version...

I'm Sara, a 34 year old fur momma from Canada's beautiful east coast. I'm married to a fantastic guy named Jonathan and we are currently on an adoption journey. I'm an avid reader, scrapbooker, ringette player and social media addict. 

This is far from my first go at blogging, back in then day I did some very rudimentary HTML and graphic design and hosted blogs on my own domains. (My first and favourite was www.whirled-peas.org.) One of my favourite things about blogging was always meeting new people - making friends - but I also love to write. I'm a bit of a chatter box, and I think blogging makes a great outlet.
I know that blogging has evolved a lot over the years, and I've attempted "come backs" before. 

Jonathan gave me my own laptop for Christmas, and I'm cautiously optimistic that will help. Still not 100% sure what this space will hold, I guess we're all going to find out at the same time!

A few more details...

We live in Nova Scotia, Canada in the same "suburb" I grew up in. We're actually about a 5 minute drive from my parents, and less than 15 from his parents. I have a fantastic relationship with my parents, we're very close and I'm still very spoiled. I have a good relationship with my in-laws as well, though it started out a little rocky. 

I have one younger brother. I sometimes joke that he's my hero but there's more than a little truth to that. 10 years ago (when he was 17) my brother was diagnosed with leukemia. He was one of "lucky" ones and is doing great now. But when I think about what he went through... It wasn't a good time for my family, but I think it made us closer so I try to focus on that. 

I graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2006 with my Bachelor of Education but I'm not currently working in my field. I'm a front end manager with a local grocery chain. (Basically I'm in charge of the cashiers and the customer service aspect of the store.) I  really enjoy my job, but you won't hear a lot about it here. 

We are hoping to be parents some day, and tried to conceive for several years. We had some testing done and the doctors can't find anything "wrong" with either of us. In August 2015 we made the decision to begin the adoption process and as of October 2016 we are officially approved. We are adopting locally, from the foster care system here in Nova Scotia. For all of the details on our adoption journey please visit Lessons in Patience, our adoption blog.

Both of our pets were adopted from the SPCA. Our cat Sydney came home with us in August 2009 and our beagle Daisy came home with us the same week we moved in to our house in July 2011. They are both spoiled rotten and I can't imagine my life without them in it. 

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