Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weightloss Wednesday: The beginning

On January 8th I signed up for Weight Watchers.

Not for the first time, but hopefully for the last time.

I am 5'0 and weight 192 pounds. I don't even like typing it.

My weight has fluctuated a lot over the years, as have my thoughts about it. I alternate between embracing my "plus sized-ness" and being disgusted with myself. (And pretty much everything in between.)

I think what's different this time is that I'm thinking more than just about how I'm going to look if I lose the weight I want to, I'm also focused on how I'm going to feel. We are approved adoptive parents and could get a call any day that we've been matched, When our kids come home I want to be able to go on hikes and chase them around the yard without getting winded. I'm going to need to have the energy to stay up past 9:30pm on work nights.

I think the other thing that's different this time is that I'm thinking long term. I want the changes I'm making to my eating habits and daily routine to be things I can live with for the rest of my life. And things my husband can live with! Jonathan is very supportive, but I don't want him feeling like he has to give up things because of me.

Today is day 3, and I've had two good days so far. Wednesday is my day off, so I feel like it's going be my most challenging day. There's no one here to judge (err, keep me accountable) like there is when I'm at work. And I tend to shop and run errands on Wednesdays, which makes it so easy to stop for fast food. I'm hoping that posting about my weight loss adventure here every Wednesday is going to help keep me on track.

So far today I'm off to a good start - I had a good breakfast (chocolate Shakeology with half a banana, almond milk, and a handful of spinach), finished 500ml of water, and took Daisy (our beagle) on an extra long walk. I've got to run to the grocery store soon and then maybe I'll even get on the treadmill.

Are you currently working towards a new you? Have you made some big (or little) changes on a journey to a healthier you? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Good for you Sara! I'm working in some changes to, really just move more and eat better but hey gotta start somewhere :)