Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weight Loss Wednesday: One week in

I had a fantastic first week back on Weight Watchers. I made better choices, I tracked every bite I ate, I crushed my water goal, and met my step goal almost every day. I also gave up pop and energy drinks too (even zero calorie ones), and I stuck with it.  My hard work showed on the scale - in one week I lost six pounds! And - just as good as the number changing on the scale - was the fact that I already feel a difference in my energy level.

My constant exhaustion was one of my biggest motivators. My husband is a bit of a night owl, so me going to bed at 8 or 9 and him staying up until 10 and 11 was a bit of an issue. We felt like we weren't getting to spend any time together in the evenings. There are still going to be evenings here and there that I'm going to want to head to bed early, but I love the idea of more quality time with Jonathan.

Week two is off to a slightly rocky start. Monday night we had a belated Christmas dinner at my in-laws. I ate less than I would have a month prior, but probably still ate a bit more than I should have. I don't ever want to feel like I'm depriving myself though, I know the minute I feel that way my motivation will tank and I will self-destruct.

I'm also a stress eater, so today has been a bit of a challenge. Last night when we got home from visiting my brother-in-law and his wife our dog was acting a bit strange. We ended up heading in to the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic to make sure nothing was seriously wrong. She had x-rays done, but they didn't show anything. We got home around midnight with some pain medication and instructions to contact our vet if things weren't better in the morning. Things weren't better this morning, so I called our vet and ended up spending a good chunk of the morning there. That meant I didn't eat breakfast, and was starving when I got home. All I can say is that it's a good thing I won't use drive-thrus, instead of stopping for fast food I came home and ate a ham sandwich on Weight Watchers bread. I ate a handful of chips, but I tracked everything and I still have more than enough points left over for supper.

Hopefully the rest of week two goes well. I'm hoping to work some exercise in to my routine, as well as keep focused on making changes I can live with long-term.

Are you a stress eater? How do you try and manage it?

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  1. I can be a stress eater but sometimes when I'm stressed I go the other way and I don't eat at all which isn't great either! Wish I had some good advice but I don't!

    I hope Daisy is feeling better!