Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy Caturday! "Sydney" Facts

 Happy Caturday!

I tend to talk a lot about our beagle, Daisy, but Sydney was our first baby. To introduce Sydney, here are ten facts about her.

1) We adopted Sydney from the SPCA about a month after we got married. We always joke that Sydney picked us. The day we went in to check out the kittens Jonathan was holding her in his arms when she started chewing on the buttons of his shirt.

2) Her name at the SPCA was Jessie, but we changed her name to Sydney. She's named after Sydney, Cape Breton. (We spent our honeymoon in Cape Breton.)

3) Like most cats, Sydney loves boxes. "If I fits, I sits" is very much her personal motto.

4) Sydney loves chasing the little red dot, laser pointers are her favourite. When she was a kitten she'd tear around the apartment so much that she'd start purring and wheezing at the same time.

5) Sydney very much rules the roost in our place, if she's sitting in a door way or in front of it Daisy won't go past her. There are nights that we'll be in bed, calling Daisy to join us, but she won't because Sydney is sitting in the middle of our bedroom. I think that's why this Youtube video cracks me up so much:

6) Sydney's not much of a fan of "people" food. Tuna, chicken, cheese... She turns her nose up at all of them. But sit down with a bowl of ice cream? You instantly have company!

7) Sydney will cry and cry to get outside, especially if we're sitting outside on the patio. But once she gets outside she's too nervous to actually move.

8) We bought a bed for Daisy when we adopted her, but she never really used it. Sydney on the other hand loves the dog bed!

9) Sydney will sleep in her cat carrier, but she hates the car. She will cry the entire time she's in the car in her carrier. (It actually breaks my heart, she sounds so pitiful!)

10) She's the cutest cat ever. I know, this may be a fact that some people may argue me on. But really, just look at the evidence...

 Happy Caturday! Have a great weekend!

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